Wednesday, June 20, 2007


I am recently catching up with xxxHolic although it is not a new anime (anymore). As with most people, subconsciously I had linked this anime with Tsubasa Chronicles. How wrong was I to think so. xxxHolic is a great anime by its own, which offers a completely different setting and theme from all other CLAMP's anime/manga. Perhaps the only similarity is Yuuko's crossover appearance in other anime and manga. xxxHolic is a light-hearted and humorous anime about the mysteries and supernatural events in Japan. The anime is a case by case series, each episode offering (or explaining) a new case of mystery.

The main protagonist here is Watanuki Kimihiro who since birth, is able to see (and was bothered by) what others couldn't: souls and spirits. One fateful day, Watanuki stumbled upon Yuuko's shop accidentally (however, according to Yuuko, it was not an accident but instead hitsuzen (必然) - inevitability) . Yuuko entered into an agreement with Watanuki to grant him a wish - to get rid of his ability to see souls and spirits - with a price; to work part-time in Yuuko's shop until he is able to clear his debt! As a result, Watanuki found himself performing household chores for the lady.

Watanuki Kimihiro - a good soul (but a loser, haha!! xD)

Yuuko is the owner of the shop (that grant wishes), a seemingly powerful and all-knowing witch. In reference to Tsubasa Chronicles, she is known as the Dimensional Witch, but the name was never mentioned even once in xxxHolic (atleast until episode 15- which is where I am now). She is quite the joker especially in front of Watanuki, but could have her serious side when she gets down to business. And a definite alcoholic (thus xxxholic??? xD). I've also noticed that she almost always have different clothes in every episode.

Yuuko is a one-of-a-kind character; one who almost always have different clothes in every episode.

Along with Watanuki is his classmate Doumeki Shizuka. Doumeki is the total opposite character of Watanuki, always keeping his cool and calm, but could be quite a sarcastic person towards Watanuki. He has a passive ability to ward off and exorcise evil spirits, thus making him very compatible with Watanuki and had in fact saved Watanuki a number of times.

Doumeki Shizuka - seems to have deep understanding of Japanese folklores.

We shall not forget Watanuki's love interest as well, Himawari Kunogi. She is a sweet and cheerful girl and is very friendly towards Watanuki and Doumeki. Thus, we will be seeing the three of them hanging out together quite often. However, it does seems like she often brings bad luck to Watanuki (and possibly to other people as well), as mentioned in the earlier episodes by Yuuko.

The cheerful and friendly Himawari that makes Watanuki goes crazy everytime she smiles.

All in all, this is a very nice and interesting anime. Anyone ready for storytelling time? ^^

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Cryorazor said...

Another similarity is the skinny characters..You should watch the xxxHOLiC movie,it's good while I don't really like Tsubasa Chronicle movie.

"There's no coincidence,only the inevitability"

Foxstrifer said...

I've finished xxxHolic. The ending was really nice (episode 22+23). Although I have to admit it was a little boring, but the sentimental value attached to it compiles a really good ending. Was it me or is Yuuko wearing the dress from Tsubasa Chronicles in that last episode? (Indicating something?) I really hope there will be a second season to xxxHolic or something.

Anonymous said...

somebody recognizes or knows the name of the piano music piece in the end of the last episode? it's when the creds roll.