Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Mo Siang Online: Just another mmorpg...

I came across this game through the local cybercafe. Apparently they were having a launching event there, so it was free to play during that period (but only limited to MoSiang Online). Ironically, I exited the game before even giving it a second thought and started up GunBound. Nonetheless, I picked up the installation client before leaving.

MoSiang Online is yet another mmorpg based on the eastern/China settings. Its appeals? Regrettably, I would say it just adds to the already long and mundane list of mmorpg, with no specific appeals. Graphics wise, it couldn't be compared to better mmorpgs such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, or even the latest hot game, Granado Espada. Music and sounds, I would say this is one of the plus points of this game. Nonetheless, nothing much appealing. Its gameplay is (again) just like the typical mmorpg (Silkroad Online, Hero Online, Knight Online, Ares Online, etc...). However, I wouldn't deny that I did had fun playing the game, probably due to the environment and the other minor elements in the game. Worth a try if you got the time, might keep you occupied for a week or two. ^^

1. Good musics, average sound effects
2. Bearable graphics
3. Low system requirements
4. New game yet unpopular (thus, no lag problems, no over-crowded problems, and... yet to have any over-powered characters)
5. Free for Life
6. The best feature yet: NO LAG!

Some screens:

Some of the players (including me) have "cut-up" text problem due to incompatibility of graphics and language settings.

We don't just run... We teleport!! Beat that, you WoW-ers!!

Players are allowed to do duels in a controlled environment... NOT!! It just means that you can't run out of the box, monsters and other players can still interrupt you.

Another plus point to this games. The girls looks really nice, albeit the fact that their face are plain and expressionless that PVC figures can do better~

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