Sunday, June 17, 2007

Ikea Detolf and Yuki Nagato + Suzaku gashapon

The main agenda was to get my long awaited Detolf. Before going to the Ikea at Damansara, I was at MidValley. There, I tried my luck on the gashapon machine. One from the Code Geass Lelouch Swing gashapon machine and the other from Hare Hare Swing 2 Gashapon. The Code Geass one offers Lelouch, Lelouch with Geass, Karen, C.C. and Suzaku. All of them looks nice, however... I crossed my fingers, hoping never to get Suzaku. 2 tokens in, tab twisted, 'egg' rolled down. To my disappointment, Suzaku (ah!!) came out.

Hare Hare Swing offers Yuki Nagato in wizard clothes, 2 Mikuru in Bunny suit (one red and another white), Suzumiya Haruhi, Asakura Ryoko, and Koizumi Itsuki (I was surprised it wasn't Kyon). Anyway, despite being unlucky with the Code Geass machine, I got Yuki Nagato here (My favorite!! woohoo!!).

My brother got Lelouch with Geass (envious!!!) and Mikuru in white bunny suit. Whilst cryorazor(why do we sounds like Konata's gang? ... -.-"") got Karen(looks nice) and Mikuru in red bunny suit (amazingly none of us got the same one).Lelouch with Geass (look at his left eye!)!! It looks way too cool. Envious!!

The Hare Hare Swing Gasphapon comes with the SOSBrigade emblem.

Anyway, at Ikea we bought 2 Detolf (one mine, the other cryorazor's). The funny thing is we stood at the car park for atleast half an hour figuring how to fit 2 Detolf into the Hyundai Matrix!! Should've taken a picture of it in the car. I was cramping at the front sit without any place to move around. Amazingly, I survived back to my house (XD).

The Detolf is not particularly huge, but it is certainly long and heavy. Assembly alone would require atleast 2 people.

I thought the space would be larger. But it could only house a Gundam on each compartment. Perhaps retracting the wings could cramp 2 together.

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Mizunaga said...

I actually have keychains with similar SOS dan emblems ^^; Heard from a friend that they're from gashapons, but I bought mine directly from a shop.

If you're interested, you can check them out at..

Those two are available at Comic Paradise, One Utama.

I have to ask- where exactly in Mid Valley did you get them?