Thursday, October 18, 2007

PSP Toshiba?

Good things come in doubles... or at least in my case. Finally I bought my long awaited PSP Slim and Lite, and its Felicia Blue!! I love the colour. Then a few days later, I got a Toshiba Satelite A200 from my mom (Yay!!!). This whole week had been a busy one. So many games things to do, yet so little time. Addicted to Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions now, although its a game I've played numerous times on the PSone already. Monster Hunter Freedom 2 looks cool, but certainly lacks storyline; mayhap its merits only shine in ad-hoc mode with other players. Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core totally awes me. Too bad its in Japanese; may play it sometime later.

No screeny here. A bit busy nowadays with games college assignments and a lot of study catch-ups to do.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

IE sucks!

My comp broke down. I'd have to resort to using my mom's office lappie; thus stucked with IE. If anyone hadn't noticed yet, I was using FireFox and loved it! The lucky thing about this is that I finished watching Gundam 00 before the comp broke down later in the day.

I don't know whether its just me, or is it that Blogger dislike IE. It had been fine so far when I was blogging with FireFox. When I was about to upload a few pictures onto the blog, the IE timed out on me... not once, not twice, but every single time! I had to upload the pictures one by one instead (was uploading 5 at once prior to that). Not only that, I did it quite a few times on the same picture as everytime I cut (ctrl+c), I couldn't paste it anymore (ctrl-v)! Even redo (ctrl-z) couldn't do the trick. This happens as well whenever I accidentally deleted the pictures with a backspace or delete button. (How this would happen, I'd explain below). Thus, having me uploading the same pictures a few time!! zzZ...

The second problem: There's something wrong with the formatting, after having placing the pictures at the spots I wanted to. Every enter I press, it goes down a line, just like how everything would work. The problem is, the line/space that appears/goes down is not instantly below the blinking cursor, its either higher up or lower down in the paragraph. Don't get what I mean? Dont worry: basically, its just freaking screwed!!! (and screwing me upside down!!!). This is the reason whenever I backspace a space that is created by the "enter", there is a chance I will backspace the uploaded picture!!! Talk about frustration!!! Just trying to put the formats in order took more than half an hour; more than the time I took to type the whole thing.

Final words: IE Sucks!!!

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Gundam 00

"Gundam 00 : Episode 01 - Celestial Being"

The new Gundam series just aired last Saturday. Its kind of a good timing since Claymore just ended and I was about to "run" out of animes (that I would like) to catch up on. Many people like to compare Gundam Seed with this new series. Of course, who wouldn't, especially Gundam Seed was such a big hit, as if its THE series, which of course I couldn't disagree at all.

Gundam Seed's opening was classic; comparing it with the new series would not be doing justice to Gundam 00 at all. Without making comparisons, I'd say the opening sequence is pretty good (just not darn good), showing briefly Setsuna's childhood. Nothing less would be expected from Sunrise; the graphics and sound were great.

"There is no God in this world"
If anyone watched Gundam Wing before, you would have noticed how the first episode (or the start of Gundam 00 series) bears resemblance to how Gundam Wing was introduced. The producers decided to have the show less dramatic (as in Gundam Seed). 4 youngsters (teenagers) were introduced as Gundam Meisters, the pilots of Gundams, which belongs to a private army, the Celestial Being, to thwart any flames of war. Their roles together with their Gundams; Exia, Dynames, Kyrios, and Virtue were introduced in the old fashioned way.
Gundam Exia

Gundam Dynames

Gundam Kyrios

Gundam Virtue

A good point is that they noted the contradicting idea of using a stronger army force to prevent war between other countries. Looks like the series will get only better with their plot from here on.

"We are Gundam Meisters"

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