Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A new moon...

I have to admit the reason I am starting this blog is partly because of a friend of mine who started blogging not long ago (, and partly due to the stress in the midst of my final exam!! (need to take some pressure off textbooks..)!! So, What's this blog about? Anime, manga and games for the major part of it and toys and figurines to a lesser extent. Although there are already tonnes of similar blogs around, but lets just take this as an anticipation to my long long holiday :) cheers~

-End of post-


Cryorazor said...

Yo,congrats on the launch of your first blog. So,to relieve the exam stress through blogging? You'll come to know that blogging isn't that easy but if you write it with your heart, everything will be easy (LOL,sounds just like anime).I guess it's time to update my blog again (@@)

Catherine said...

*drums roll*

wooo you finally joined the blogging community

haha have fun!

Foxstrifer said...

Thanks guys ^^
Now I'll have to focus on my finals first...@@