Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Byousoku 5 centimeter - Episode 1: Okasho

Byousoku 5 cm is a short drama series/story centered on a boy named Takaki Tono. Literally, the title translates to 5 centimeter per second, referring to the speed at which the petals of Sakura (Cherry Blossom) falls. It consists of only 3 episodes; Episode 1: Okasho (Cherry Blossom Extract), Episode 2: Cosmonaut, and Episode 3: Byosoku 5 Centimeters. I could only get a hold of Episode 1, and as the film is licensed, it is difficult to get the remaining episodes of it from the net.

The movie is set in present time Japan. Although it is centered on high schoolboy Takaki, I wouldn't say that this is the regular laugh out loud high school genre anime. In fact, quite the opposite. Taking the point of view of Takaki, the drama guides us through the struggles one faces against time and people and even distances in the real world. It is the problems everyone faces in their everyday life. A melancholic, sentimental theme I would put it.

Takaki Tono is just an ordinary high school boy. The first episode introduces us to his relationship with a childhood friend Akari Shinohara. Both of them met often in the school library and eventually got very close together. However, after finishing elementary school, they couldn't get into the same junior school and was forced to part ways with each other. The continue to write to each other until one day Takaki found out that he has to move away to another town, now even further away from Akari. Thus he decided to meet with Akari once (and maybe the last time) before moving.

The graphics are certainly beautiful, being a short series meant to be a theater movie, one would expect nothing less. However, I would dare to say that the movie is anything but exciting. It was not meant to be. Nonetheless, it IS a quality one as the movie does not capture the hearts of audiences through its comedies or actions, but one which captures the realities and ordinaries of life (that's why it is a Drama), sentimental and touching (one could not deny). By looking through the eyes of Takaki alone, I wouldn't be surprised you'd be moved till a tear accidentally slipped past your eyes. The directing and narration of the film was very good from the start until the very end. Although the story is simple, it captured every essence of a good animation and story telling. It packed a lot of meanings in it provided you could appreciate it.

A definite must watch if u are a fan of dramas. But if you are not the type that can stand slow paced story telling, then stay out.

I just hope I could get a hold of the remaining 2 episodes of it.

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Cryorazor said...

It's neither good because of the beautiful graphic nor the simple yet touching story. " is good mainly due the talented direction of Makoto Shinkai who manages to effectively communicate his intended theme of separation due to distance through the narration and feelings of Takaki." quoted from Kurogane's Anime Blog.

The quote explains everything about Oukashou. Might as well get the original DVD since my sis bought "Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho" before this.

Foxstrifer said...

Hmm, agreeable. Had it not for the way the whole story is narrated, I'd agree it would've been boring or normal. Like I said, the direction is really good.

DVD.. I'll get it from you if you have it. ^^ :p

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