Thursday, June 14, 2007

Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch

A great anime by Sunrise (also GS/GSD). I am really mesmerized by this anime. Hours of marathon watching it (finally finished) yet I am eagerly waiting for the second season (which will be airing soon, hopefully ^^). This is the story about a banished prince of Britannia starting his own rebellion against the Britannia Empire after acquiring a power known as Geass from a girl, C.C. What's really interesting about this anime is of course the storyline, mechas (known as Knightmare Frames), and how things blend together!

The main character here, is of course, Lelouch, once the Prince of Britannia, who had been banished by the King to Japan (which is now dominated by the Empire, renamed to Area 11). He is not the traditional hero (anti-hero) one would expect. His best ability is perhaps his IQ, almost unrealistic to begin with. Since small he loves playing chess, and is very good at it, never losing a single game; And now, turning the battlefield into his own chess table, moves step by step closer to taking down the whole of Britannia who dominates 1/3 of the world. Nonetheless, he is a cunning one, reminds me alot of Kira; no, not the Kira Yamato from GS/GSD. The Kira - Light Yagami from Death Note (!!) who, inter alia, a brilliant thinker, has a very high IQ, good at chess, puts on a social mask, manipulates people, battles to conceal his identity!!

He runs a secret identity known as Zero, who is the founder and leader of the underground terrorist (or "Ally of Justice" as he called himself), The Order of The Black Knights. Amazingly, his small rebellion group which started from members less than 10 people (if I recall correctly) grew into Area 11's (Japan) greatest rebellion force! (And he's still only a high school KID!!)

He has a very special power known as Geass (and hence Code Geass) granted by C.C. a mysterious girl (who loves Pizza!!). This power allows him to manipulate another, literally. "The power of absolute obedience". When activated, a bird shape sigil (as shown in the picture) appears in his left eye.

C.C. loves pizza, especially PizzaHut!! Its amazing that Code Geass features the official PizzaHut.

Of course, one of the things I love about this anime is mechas!! Although their emphasis in Code Geass is not very important (not as much as in GS/GSD), but I still love scenes with mechas. The Lancelot (picture above) is the newest prototype, 7th generation Knightmare Frames, that is still in experimentation by the Britannia. It is piloted by none other than Suzaku, Lelouch's best friend since little.

Suzaku, the pilot of Lancelot. His unrealistic skills with the Knightmare Frames matches the unrealistic IQ of Lelouch (brain vs brawn, eh?).

Lelouch, Zero, Prince of Britannia, Leader of the Order of the Black Knights, member of the Ashford Academy's student council.

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Cryorazor said...

I'm actually glad that the anime doesn't focus so much on the mecha. What makes it so interesting is more because of the plot. You should mention Guren Nishika Mk-II! It's way cooler than Lancelot.

Foxstrifer said...

the Guren certainly is cool, but I prefer Lancelot, because of its colour!! xD
Guren is all red only while Lancelot is white and yellow. A knight in white armor!! But the Gawain is certainly the best! ^^

Cryorazor said...

I thought normally people like mecha based on the design. I don't like Lancelot's head. Guren has orange cockpit and the metal claw.


uchiha_girl said...

hey there!
lelouch is evil!!!