Friday, September 28, 2007

Long time~

Ah, has been almost 2 months since I last updated my blog. Feeling guilty for being lazy and not continue or even end what I started. Was hooked on the "outdated" game of Ragnarok Online: TrinityRO (yes, its a private server) in the month of August, and then stucked onto Pirate King Online (game addict, tsk tsk...) in Sept. Not to mention that I am still grinding on the dramas Drive of Life and Steps.

Pirate King Online ( Enniesse@Server Engine

Claymore is nearing its end (ok, season 1 ended at episode 26, but I haven't get to watch it yet!), Naruto manga getting a bit more interesting(?), Heroes is out with season 2, Gundam oo is premiering soon, and... College started!! New semester, new subjects, bad results (previously) equals more hard work this year(hopefully), and definitely more pressure (being the final year and all~).

I am planning to get the new PSP slim, still scouting around for prices and good offers though. Definitely, definitely looking forward to FF7 Crisis Core and FFTactics: The Lion's War!! Any good games to recommend, drop by a comment please. :) Other than that, I'm thinking of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, Ace Combat X (I'm an AC freak!), MGS Portable ops, Jeanne D'Arc, and probably Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth though it'll be a replay of the PSOne version.

Oh btw, the two themes for Sony Ericsson w810i (or k750i or whichever compatible) I made few months ago had been uploaded to Feel free to check it out:

p.s.: Naruto - The theory of the Uchiha Clan: Trust me, read this if you haven't!!!

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