Saturday, September 29, 2007

End of Claymore

Sayonara, Claymore fans. "I won't say when. But let us meet again" (Miria)

Claymore finally ended at episode 26. I really liked the whole series and wished that it wouldn't have ended so early. That said, it is only the end of season 1. Many people complained how it deviates from the manga since episode 20, and it turned out very bad and boring. I didn't read the manga at all, so I shall not compare the two (perhaps they really were true, but...). From my point of view, it wasn't the best ending I've seen so far, but certainly not a bad one. The conclusion of many main characters' plot were satisfying, though many others were left out; but hey, its only season 1, what more could we expect!? Even this last episode delivers a very nicely directed and planned ending, not just any crash course ones we'd see in many typical anime. The fight with Priscilla was not ended too quick nor too dragged on... (ok, maybe the whole North campaign thing was a bit long winded, from the fights with the 3 Awakened Being, to Rigardo, and then back to Priscilla, thus giving me the feeling "it should end by now~").

Final showdown between Clare (above) and Priscilla (bottom).

Nonetheless, the final blow by Clare is slightly off the scale. The almighty Priscilla was surprisingly caught by Clare's sudden counter attack... and the whole fight is over. If we follow the story closely, there is certainly no way Clare is anywhere near Priscilla's level, let alone the 'fully awakened' Priscilla (for no apparent reason at all). This did not appeals how strong Clare is, only how weak Priscilla had became (makes me wonder how strong is Number 1, 2 and 3). Nothing like what we've seen in the whole series. And, yes, Raki is there again to pull Clare back to her senses. Through out the series, what started as a dark themed anime, loses out its tension at the very last (be it for the better or worse).

Almost every episode promises a suspense, and the suspense is broken with often unexpected conclusions. This is what makes the whole thing so much enjoyable and addictive. This is the reason I insisted not to read the manga or even read any spoilers (and boo-ed manga readers who talked too much about it)!! But the final scenes just screams otherwise. No one could've guessed wrongly how the last episode would have ended. Clare will somehow overpower Priscilla, Raki will get Clare back to her senses again, and everyone just goes back home merrily. However, I must clarify that I did enjoyed the final episode (although it could've been better).

Jeanne returning Clare's favor by saving her. I really liked Jeanne, why does she have to die!!? (just like Teresa...)

Raki and Clare reunited at last.

I still must emphasize that Claymore (the anime) is really beautifully made. I love the characters, the plots, the fights, the theme, the colours, the music, the sound effect... everything about it is just great! Can't wait for the next season of it (if there really is...).

Farewell by Teresa. "Live as a human."

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ViliSoulFire said...

claymore rocks.. hehe! but i expected more from it.. ending kindda left hanging.. hope there is season 2.. ^^ i wanted to see the dwellers of the deep fight each other.. riful teaming up with clare and take on easley and pricillia.. ^^

Foxstrifer said...

Yup. Hopefully there's a season 2. Else we can go read the manga instead :p

Anyway, Gundam oo is premiering tmr!! Hopefully it dont disappoint (though I think GSD gundams looks cooler).