Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Code Geass R2 - episode 21

The Black Rebellion, Order of the Black Knights, Zero, Knights of Round. I loved Code Geass Season 1. Alot of expectations was put into its season 2 direct sequel, however, I must say the least I wasn't too satisfied with what has happened so far. While Season 1 talks about the King in the making, Season 2 emphasizes more on the secrets of the Geass, particularly the theme "Geass is the power of the lone King", that everyone around Lelouch would soon leave or die. Shirley's death is pretty much proof of this idea which lead me to expect that Nunnally too will die as well. (Interestingly enough, Kallen cannot die - she is the antithesis to Suzaku).

The whole of season 2, up until episode 21 had been a roller coaster ride. Almost every episode ends with a cliff hanger, and a new "surprise" awaits at the beginning of next episode. Personally, I didn't like the idea of Lelouch losing almost every battle in this new season. I'd miss those times when Lelouch could calculate his victory and lead himself into a strong force of support. Furthermore, we see alot of Deus ex Machina here rather than a controlled situation like what we see in the first season.
Oh yah, did I mention that R2 became quite the show off of Knightmare Frames ala Gundam style? I guess they were desperate to market their R2 merchandises.

The progression of the story is... weird. With the story having so many twists and turns - with nothing one would expect ordinarily, I wouldn't say that it is more interesting than the previous season nor did the production staffs did a bad job either.
Another thing is that I didn't quite get what they were doing at times - the objectives of the Emperor, C.C, V2, Sword of Akasha? etc; naturally, alot of loopholes as well. Nonetheless, overall I would see that R2 is introducing us to get a closer look to Lelouch's personal life and thoughts.

Wonders how 2 pile of poos can slay the god...

And when we thought the matter with the Charles would end here with the Sword of Akasha in episode 21...

All hail Lelouch, the 99th Emperor of Britannia!!

The staffs are leading us back to Lelouch vs Schneizel; with Lelouch leading the throne whilst Schneizel as the rebel. (Yes! Code Geass never stop amazes us with their plot twists!) What can I say other than the word: weird!

Anyway, lets expect more interesting stuffs ahead!

What's better than a one-eyed Geass... its a TWO-eyed geass!!

P.S. A friend linked me to this. I guess there's where the inconsistencies lie when we tried to catch back up from season 1.
P.S.2 - check this out http://otakuism.animeblogger.net/2008/08/code-geass-r2-20-can-i-get-a-collective-what/... funny shit!

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