Sunday, August 31, 2008

Almost a year

Wow, its been almost a year since I last updated this blog. Previously I was busy with my finals, and boy am I glad that its finally over(no puns intended). I've been awarded with a 2nd Class Honours(Lower Division); although a bit disappointing (I was expecting better results), but I do get to continue on to the next stage (guess I should be glad and thankful anyway~) - the dreaded CLP!

Anyway, enough with all these academic stuffs. While I was away (from this blog), I've completed Season 1 of the Tower of Druaga: Aegis of Uruk. It was a nice anime; To begin with, it started out as a whacky comedious type of anime, but later turns out to be quite an interesting plot. Except for the really short span of episodes which sees everything rushed and crumpled into one short season, its really quite a good show to say the least.

Animes aside, I dropped DotA for quite some time (8-9 months I think)... picked up Counter Strike 1.6 and was addicted to it for the last 8-9 months (obviously... =.=). But things come and go, so does games. Now I'm suddenly picking back up interest in DotA again.
Cabal SEA (for South East Asia) - the mmorpg that got me addicted since middle May (during my Finals!!!). Beautiful graphics, awesome story (hell yeah, no one would talk about "story" in MMOs, but Cabal's story is really awesome) - with interesting-at-first-boring-later Quests, and Great gameplay, I'd really recommend any MMO-ers to try this game out. The only drawback... it has really very very few places to explore; after months of gaming, you'll still be seeing the same old place where you started.

I'll stop here - screenshots? I'll save it for later.

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