Tuesday, October 9, 2007

IE sucks!

My comp broke down. I'd have to resort to using my mom's office lappie; thus stucked with IE. If anyone hadn't noticed yet, I was using FireFox and loved it! The lucky thing about this is that I finished watching Gundam 00 before the comp broke down later in the day.

I don't know whether its just me, or is it that Blogger dislike IE. It had been fine so far when I was blogging with FireFox. When I was about to upload a few pictures onto the blog, the IE timed out on me... not once, not twice, but every single time! I had to upload the pictures one by one instead (was uploading 5 at once prior to that). Not only that, I did it quite a few times on the same picture as everytime I cut (ctrl+c), I couldn't paste it anymore (ctrl-v)! Even redo (ctrl-z) couldn't do the trick. This happens as well whenever I accidentally deleted the pictures with a backspace or delete button. (How this would happen, I'd explain below). Thus, having me uploading the same pictures a few time!! zzZ...

The second problem: There's something wrong with the formatting, after having placing the pictures at the spots I wanted to. Every enter I press, it goes down a line, just like how everything would work. The problem is, the line/space that appears/goes down is not instantly below the blinking cursor, its either higher up or lower down in the paragraph. Don't get what I mean? Dont worry: basically, its just freaking screwed!!! (and screwing me upside down!!!). This is the reason whenever I backspace a space that is created by the "enter", there is a chance I will backspace the uploaded picture!!! Talk about frustration!!! Just trying to put the formats in order took more than half an hour; more than the time I took to type the whole thing.

Final words: IE Sucks!!!

-End of post-

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