Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lets get Blue~

I've just changed the background colour to navy blue; since my blog's named Moonlight Blues, I thought I should use colours that fits the theme to the very least. Other than that, I haven't made much updates here. Mainly because I haven't been watching any new animes lately, still stucked on Disgaea 2: Cursed Memories, and scouring through episodes of a chinese drama from TVB named Heart of Greed (溏心風暴). The latest anime I've watched is of course Claymore 14... and episode 15 should be out by now... lets search for the torrent later.

I am surprised by how Irene gave up her arm to Clare just like that, being the right arm her only arm left (no pun intended). I thought Irene would have at least participated in a battle with Clare against maybe Orphelia or some other Yoma/Claymore and gave her arm up in the midst of losing. Anyway, the only logical explanation would have been Irene already knew that another Claymore has got a hold of her location and she would be executed due to her being a traitor to the organization.

Another surprise is how Clare suddenly became so strong; strong enough to defeat Awakened Orphelia, where she doesn't even stand a chance against Claymore Orphelia who haven't used any of her Yoma powers yet. Yet another logical explaination (:P) is that Orphelia upon finding herself being an awakened being, desired to die instead. Thus she left her resolve of killing the one-horned Awakened - Priscilla to Clare.

Clare cutting through Orphelia's serpent like body; as a test by Orphelia to measure Clare's capability of avenging her - by killing Priscilla.

Devoid of anime/game news updates, I've only knew about Suzumiya Haruhi's second season through other bloggers'. The news was speculated to be announced in the official website, however, being totally illiterate in japanese, I couldn't read about it in the official website anyway :P. The release date? Not mentioned, but speculated to be released in spring 2008 (?).
Other than that, is of course the Suzumiya Haruhi game on PS2, PSP and Wii.. (which I'm not too interested).

Another great news is the release of episode 24 and 25 of Code Geass on the 28th of July. Now, I just wonder when will season 2 be coming out.

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